Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Jetty - breakfast on the River


Sunday mornings for me are usually about sleeping in for a bit, then heading off to the gym for a while and finally chilling out in preparation for a new week at work.  This Sunday was a bit of a departure from the normal routine with a secret breakfast organised for SC's personal trainer (along with a heap of her other clients).  Not a problem really, but the breakfast was set for a 7am start over at the Jetty at Bulimba.  Alarm set for 6:20 SC and I got up and made our way across town.

SC and I used to live over at Morningside/Hawthorne a few years back, well before much of the Oxford street development that you see now, and I am always amazed at how far the street has developed.  It's now a thriving precinct with shops and cafes everywhere.  The Jetty is at the very end of Oxford Street so we got to see all of the new shops on the way to The Jetty, albeit that most were not open at this early time on a Sunday morning.

The Jetty opened in 2010 and has established a bit of a name as a great breakfast destination and has done pretty well for itself, with a second Jetty opening up at the River Quay at Southbank.  It's a lovely spot on the river and Jetty takes advantage of the river views with plenty of seats outside and views of the river from most of the seats inside.

The menu is pretty standard fare for a breakfast with all the usual suspects available.  One quirk of the menu that I noted was that there seemed to be a lot of peanut options available, which you don't see every day for breakfast.  Given the unusual option, I actually chose a Banana, Honey and Peanut smoothy to start off the morning.  Mmmmm, interesting flavour combinations here, did they work?  I don't think I will be ordering peanut in a smoothy again, I probably works better as an ice-cream and would work even better if there was something salty to go with it.

On to breakfast and SC selected American pancakes, cinnamon poached peaches, maple syrup & potted cream.   The pancakes were quite unusual looking and looked as if they had some yeasty extract in them as they had risen and looked a bit more like cupcakes than pancakes.  The pancakes were OK at best, with some good flavour from the maple syrup and cream, but they were pretty dry.  Where they were covered in syrup they were much easier to eat, but without the syrup were dry and pretty much inedible.

I chose scrambled eggs on sourdough w/ herb tomatoes & maple bacon.  The eggs came out a lovely yellow colour, so the eggs must have been farm fresh or organic.  They were cooked very well and went down great with the sourdough toast.  The herb tomato was nice with the herbs adding a nice contrast to the tomato flavour.  I am not sure about the maple bacon, it tasted just like normal bacon to me and was a bit thin and dry for my liking and did not really have a strong 'bacony' flavour.  Overall, it looked a bit boring on the plate, but was pretty good.

It was interesting meeting some of SC's personal trainer's clients and friends.  Even though the morning was an early start I am glad I went along.  I am not sure about all of food choices from the morning but I assume that TR had a plan for each of them next time their session was up.  I know that SC had a pretty full on session on the Monday following the breakfast.

The Jetty looks to be a good suburban bistro with a killer view of the river and the CBD.  Most people around the table seemed pretty happy with their breakfast which is all any restaurant can hope for.


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