Saturday, 5 January 2013

Breakfast series - Sassafras

SC and I really felt like going out for breakfast on Saturday morning.  This bug does not bite us too often these days, we mainly head out for fine dining dinners now days, but there was a time when breakfast was the main meal that we would eat out.  Back in the day, there were not a lot of options if you wanted a nice breakfast.  Not so today!

When looking at Urbanespoon and checking out some cool breakfast blogs Taking care of Breakfast  and the Breakfast Club we could see that there was now a massive array of great looking restaurants and cafes that offered the starting meal of the day.  Where to go?  Quite a few of the cafes that we thought looked really interesting were not yet open from their Christmas breaks, so in the end we travelled down memory lane to visit Sassafras, which is cafe we used to frequent over a decade ago.  What would it be like now?

Interestingly enough, the Sassafras website talks about a re-opening after some remodelling, but when SC and I walked through the door, it did not seem any different from our last visit over a decade ago, so go figure?!  Sassafras is in an old Paddington Queenslander and has heaps of small rooms with tables placed where ever there is space, but there is a massive outside dining area out the back.  It's a pretty eclectic looking place with unmatched tables and chairs and has quite a homey feel to it.  They also pride themselves on the quality of their organic food selection, so hopefully this would come through with the taste of the food.

The menu is fairly classic breakfast with lots of traditional breakfast fare and very little of the extremely fancy options that were available at other breakfast options we looked at.  I have to say that I am pretty pleased with that because some of the weird and wonderful options at other establishments escape my breakfast palate.

Breakfast for me was scrambled eggs, which came with thick toast and the option of tomato relish, to this I added some grilled roma tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms and crispy bacon.  The breakfast came as ordered and did not look spectacular, and looked a little boring on the plate to be honest.  I started on the scrambled eggs and was rewarded with some of the best eggs I have had in quite some time.  I really liked the layered and firm feel to the eggs and the taste was eggy and creamy, with the perfect amount of seasoning.  A great start, but there was a little bit of a let down with the sautéed mushrooms, which lacked seasoning and were a little boring.  Both the roma tomatoes and the bacon were really nice and for once I actually ate everything on my plate, so this was a good outcome.

SC didn't deviate too far and chose poached eggs with grilled roma tomatoes and the crispy bacon.  The first thing that we noticed was that there were three poached eggs, I can't remember us ever getting three poached eggs with a breakfast, so this was super value.  SC's roma tomatoes and bacon were also really nice, well cooked and full of flavour, however the poached eggs were just a little over cooked for her tastes and there was not enough runny yolk, so this detracted a little from the breakfast.

Along with breakfast we had a couple of drinks, SC opted for a half strength latte and I went for a Acai Berry and yoghurt smoothy.  The coffee looked lovely with a great 'love heart' pattern but was really strong, SC commented that she would hate to have a full strength coffee as it would keep her up all night!  My Acai Berry smoothy tasted great and if you can believe all the hype about Acai Berries, then I just added a decade to my life.  Nice!

Our breakfast craving was well and truly sated, for now.  Going back to Sassafras after such a long time was interesting and just as good as we remembered it.  The food came out quickly, was great value due to the size of the portions and the cafe was pumping, all great things.  We were pretty happy we arrived when we did at 730 because the place filled up pretty quickly.

Sassafras is a Paddington favourite and has been around for ever.  While there seems to be a bevvy of new breakfast joints around town, not many of them can lay claim to such longevity and SC and I hope it won't be another decade before we go back.


Acai Berry smoothy was yummy and a pretty cool table number

The back area, which also has a massive BBQ area for summer

Front door has not changed in a decade

Sassafras is a great Deli as well

Sassafras Fine Foods on Urbanspoon

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