Saturday, 17 August 2013

Cheap Eats - Lefkas Greek Taverna

I love fine dining.  I love great food produced by top quality chefs and amazing restaurants.  It's not all I love about food and eating, I also find nothing better than going to an old favourite and eating simple and tasty food.  What's even better is when it starts to get a little warmer and getting out and feeling the sun on the top of my head.

One of my favourite casual dining spots is Lefkas Greek Taverna over in West End, which recently reopened after extensive renovations.  Lefkas is a spot that I have been going to for a very long time and at times has felt like a home away from home and I was excited to see the extent of the renovations and remodelling.  Lefkas has now taken over the space next door that used to be Cantina and is now a very large and modern looking restaurant.  There are still remnants of the old inside of Lefkas, the traditional blue and white walls that remind of the Greek flag, but most of the space is now open with many more table and seats available in the restaurant.

Lefkas has always been one of the busiest restaurants in the Hardgrave Road strip of restaurants in West End, it's always been crowded and just a little uncomfortable to have a dine in meal.  It's because of this that SC and I almost always get take away, and head down to the Brisbane river to sit and enjoy a simple meal.

There is an extensive menu of wonderful Greek fare available but there is only one thing on the menu that I love above all others.  The one item on the menu that I spent literally years trying to find a good one when I first moved to Queensland.  Yiros!  Lefkas quite simply has the best yiros this side of the Victorian and South Australian border.  Yiros so good that we struggled to find one as delicious when we spent four days in Athens a few years back.

There is something just perfect about the marinated pork that is first cooked on an upright rotisserie, then grilled to perfection just before being assembled.  The tzatziki with the hint of garlic matches perfectly with the sweet meat, which is wrapped in a perfectly cooked flat bread and filled with fresh lettuce and tomato.  Just perfection!

On a sunny and warm Saturday afternoon in the middle of winter, SC and I ordered two yiros and then drove over to Orleigh Park in West End, on the river, to enjoy a simple but delicious lunch.  Ahhh, it's the simple things in life.


Absolutely nothing better on a warm Saturday afternoon than sitting on the river with a Pork Yiros
I love the sweet marinated pork that is the basis of a yiros from Lefkas
The space that used to be Cantina is now a modern looking dining room
But you can still see the old Lefkas!
The new dining room will allow for a much larger and more relaxed meal at Lefkas if you decide to eat in!
Now with a larger bar area
The brisbane river is the perfect spot to eat lunch on a warm winters day
In a few short months this park will be jammed packed.
What a relaxing view for lunch.  Just bliss.

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  1. That looks like an authentic Gyros, just like the ones we have here in Greece:) Bravo!

    1. Oh Yeah, theses are as authentic as you will get anywhere and I love them!!


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