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Casual Dining - San Churro Chocolateria

We'd heard about the snazzy new Christmas light show that the Brisbane City Council was putting on in King George Square and thought we would check it out.  After all, as ratepayers, we wanted to see what our $300,000 was being used for and to be honest, we were a bit sceptical about how wisely the 300k had been spent.  So, we formed a loose plan, head down to the Square and then after the show, check out the new San Churro in Charlotte Street.

As we fought the unusually large crowds in the Queen Street Mall and wandered through the even larger crowds streaming down Albert Street, we were surprised with how many families were still in the CBD on a Saturday night.  Once we hit King George Square, we had a bit of an inkling of why the crowds were still about.  City Hall had been transformed into a colourful kaleidoscope of bright light and imagery.  And this was before the show had actually started, it was just the timer counting down to the next show, which was only a minute or so away.  What sweet timing.  If you've not seen the show, I'm not going to spoil if for you, but I will say that it's one of the most spectacular light shows I have ever seen.  Do yourself a favour and get down to see it before it finishes at Christmas.  I know we will go back a few more times just to take in the enormity of the whole show.  BCC, money well spent!

After the applause from the crowd died down, we started to make our way to Charlotte Street, essentially following the crowd from the show.  With all of the families still in the city, we suspected that we might struggle to get a seat once we arrived at San Churro. As we rounded the corner and saw the new San Churro, we thought we spied some spare tables inside.  We made a beeline straight for one of the few free tables, then I went up to the counter to try to place an order.  There was good news and bad, it was table service which was good.  The place was pandemonium and that was bad, we thought we might never get served.

There has been a San Churro over at Southbank for some time and we have been there many times, so we were excited that the chocolateria opened up in the CBD.  With a name like San Churro, it's obvious that they would specialise in the Spanish version of doughnuts but they also specialise in chocolate in general.  In fact they seem to be quite fanatical about delivering the 'very best chocolate experience possible to like-minded devotees', and who doesn't like chocolate!  

We managed to score a couple of menus pretty quickly and decided that it would be churros and shakes, and after about ten minutes of watching the chaos of a very busy night, we had placed our orders.  

The main reason why we ever go to San Churro is for the churros, we love them.  There are a number of different options when ordering the Spanish dessert and we opted (strangely enough) for the churros for two, which gave us six churros and two dipping sauces.  We ordered the milk chocolate and the white chocolate dipping sauce, and idea behind the churros is that you dip them in the chocolate for an added punch of flavour.  Of the two dipping sauces, we both agreed that the white chocolate was the nicer of the two, it just had a stronger flavour than the milk chocolate.

We probably should have left it there but we were feeling particularly greedy and opted for some shakes as well. SC went for the Choco Loco which sounded pretty crazy and I went for the Cremea Y Fresa (strawberry). Phew, these shakes were intense, very strong flavours and really thick, there was heaps of fresh whipped cream on top covered in chocolate shavings.  When I say strong flavours, I really mean strong, there was no mistaking the chocolate and strawberry flavours with these bad boys.  The were so intense that we couldn't get through them all, but felt very satisfied after about half.

There is a really wide range of options when you hit San Churro and the menu reads like a chocolate fantasy. Much of the menu revolves around chocolate and there are many lovely looking desserts to try, both for dining in and take away.  Its not just the menu that's like a chocolate fantasy, with the dessert restaurant looking like a fantasy playground with interesting wall murals and chocolate displays everywhere.

San Churro is an Australian company that began its life in Melbourne (Fitzroy to be exact) in 2004 after creators Kelly and Giro came up with the concept during a long romantic holiday through Spain (yes please!). It's an idea that has taken off, with the couple now responsible for thirty five San Churros Australia wide.  

After such a long time with no dessert restaurants of cafes in the CBD, it now looks as if there is some competition for Passion Tree (see post here) and I think the city is much better off as a consequence.  It was fun heading over for some churros, but I'm looking forward to winter and hitting some of the hot chocolates on the menu.  Yum!

Its like a fantasy playground for chocolate lovers!
The milk chocolate sauce was silky smooth, but the white chocolate had more flavour
Chocolate truffles and pralines
Plus cakes and macarons
Its not huge inside and it was packed when we arrived
I love the chocolate fresco on the wall
It says it all on the door.!

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