Monday, 6 January 2014

Eat Street Markets - A world of food and fun entertainment waiting to be explored

Have you ever had the feeling that you didn't realise what you were missing out on until you stumble across something so awesome, that you wonder how you lived without it?  Well, that's the feeling I had when we finally managed to go check out Eat Street Markets.

I'd first heard about the Eat Street Markets last September when I had been invited to a dinner at the Hilton to check out Vintaged (see post here).  I was sitting at a table with a bunch of new friends (read that as people I hadn't met before) and heard one bloke talking about a new concept in dining opening up and that we should all get behind the concept.  He went on to say that shipping containers would be used and at the time I struggled to picture how it would all work in my mind and I promptly forgot about it.

Then late last year I started to hear some stuff about this new market that had opened up at Hamilton and it all came back to me.  The new marked was called Eat Street Markets and it was a place for foodies to check out.  So, as a foodie, I started to plot and plan about getting over to check the place out.

Eat Street Markets is only open on Friday and Saturdays from 4pm until late, so I'd struggled to get over but we finally had a free night to drive over to Hamilton and see what everyone was raving about.  Unfortunately, we picked just about the hottest day on record in Brisbane to drive over and even at 5:30pm, when we pulled into the markets car park, the temperature was still in the high 30's.  Phew!

Walking into Eat Street Markets was a revelation, it was just awesome.  When you hear that a market is going to be set up using shipping containers, it piques your interest but when you see it for yourself, it makes a whole lot of sense.  The Markets are surrounded by fencing and shipping containers used as walls, but inside is just a series of shipping containers, sides cut out to make perfect little diners (well, maybe not perfect on a 40 degree day).  There are two entrances and both have massive (and at night lit up) signs proclaiming that you 'eat'.

There would be a tendency to stop at every container to buy the delicious looking food but we thought it best to orient ourselves before gorging and seeing what was on offer, after all, we can only eat so much!  After about twenty minutes we had checked out the 'lay of the land' and had a pretty good idea of what we would eat.  There are a heap of different options at the Eat Street Markets, it's like a trip around the culinary world and on our journey we visited Korea, Vietnam, Greece, Japan and America - there is even a cocktail container!  The best thing is that all the food is pretty cheap with most items in the $5 to $10 dollar range, pretty sweet!

While our main area of interest was the food, there is plenty of other more traditional market stalls with lots of stuff to look at and buy.  It's a place where you can go to listen to live music and sit down with a cold drink on a hot day, just to chill out.  There is way too much to see and eat in one visit and you will definitely need to go a heap of times to see and taste it all, but hey, it's such an interesting place to hang out that you will feel like going back again and again, I know we've already started to plan our next visit!

And eat we did
Started off with a couple of pork sliders - they were good
Perhaps not that good, but definitely very tasty
Possibly the tastiest thing we had was the chilli caramel pork with pickled cucumber from Chitty Banh Banh
Which is run by Jake and Elle from MKR - Jake is always up for a photo :)
Then it was time for some pork ribs - the sauce was very tangy
There are a few dumplings spots at Eat Street market
I needed to get some halloumi and it was gooooood
And finished off with some dippin dots for dessert

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