Sunday, 30 March 2014

Kettle & Tin - 2nd Annual Chilli Cookoff

**I was a guest of Kettle and Tin for the Chilli Cook-off

In popular culture, there is one television program that, for me, articulates what the latter part of the 20th and early part of the 21st century is all about.  That show is The Simpsons and for SC and I, there is no other show that better represents the key highlight of the last twenty five years.  So many of the catchphrases have made their way into my everyday language and I can always tell another Simpsons fan, who will instinctively know what I'm on about when I start sprouting my Simpsons quotes.  To a large extent, The Simpsons has influenced pop culture to such and extent, that it's become a parody of itself.

You might be asking why I'm talking about The Simpsons, when I should be talking about the 2nd Annual Kettle & Tin Chilli Cook-off, and if you are, then I know that you're not a Simpsons fan.  There are many, many quotes that I've used to reflect a situation but there is one key Simpsons quote that I'd been dying to use and it wasn't until the chilli cookoff that I've finally been able to get it out.
'Sniff, sniff, what's that smell?  Onions, chilli powder, cumin, jucy brown chuck!!  IT'S CHILLI!  Oh my god, I'm missing the chilli cook off.... I'm missing the cook off'

You guessed it, I was pretty excited about the prospect of finally getting to utter those famous Simpsons words, but even more excited to be actually going to a chilli cookoff!  The cook-off was arranged by Kettle & Tin as part of the Brewsvegas event ( and was a fun way for some of Brisbane's chilli aficionados to get their chilli on.

It was a hot Sunday afternoon, with the sun beating down and the back car park at Kettle and Tin transformed into an even hotter pots of boiling chilli for the huge crowds to sample and then vote on. There were a number of participants for 2014, some of which I knew pretty well, and some others that I'd never heard of before.  The participating venues were 

Anise (New Farm - 2013 Winner) 
Statler & Waldorf (Caxton St) 
Super Whatnot (City) 
Padre Bar (Woolloongabba) 
Phoenix Beers (Brand reps) 
Cove Bar & Dining (Southbank) 
Locanda Osteria & Bar (Fortitude Valley) 

It was a completely fun day and we tried some pretty amazing chilli, and some that were just a little too hot for my tastes.  My favourite by a long way was the Locanda Osteria and Bar, which had huge chunks of beef and pork and a hot yet sweet chilli.  

Judges for the day were all of the participants for peoples choice, which went to last year's winner Anise and for the much more serious part of the day, well known chef Philip Johnson and Kettle and Tin's executive chef Frazer Henderson were deciding on a winner.  This year it was the turn of Cove Dining and Bar to take our the coveted judges award.

I didn't quite experience the chilli trip that Homer experienced as part of his chilli cook-off experience, but there's always next year.


**I was a guest of Kettle and Tin for the chilli cook-off

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  1. That's some amazing looking Chili! Wish I could of been there!


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