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Dessert Series - Cowch dessert and cocktail bar

I'm not sure exactly when dessert bars became the norm, but I do remember a time when the only after dinner (or any time) dessert spots were the Freestyle Tout locations (see post here). Nothing stays the same forever, and the few Freestyle Tout's that were around Brisbane have closed, just leaving the Valley option. What's sprung up in their place is a fairly diverse range of dessert bars including the likes of Max Brenner, San Churro (see post here) and Passion Tree (see post here) - just to name a few.

One of the cooler dessert options in recent times caters to both a sweet tooth and the evening drinking crowd.  Cowch at South Bank is pitched as a dessert cocktail bar and for a while was the hottest place around the South Brisbane area on a Friday and Saturday night.  As a destination, the dessert bar has really played up to it's name, decorated in all manner of bovine paraphernalia, covering the cow part of it's name.  There's also a lot of comfy looking couches on site, covering the full name (when you put your hand over part of the w in Cowch).

Cowch was a welcome addition to the South Bank dining scene and while it competed with a few of the aforementioned dessert spots, rapidly became the go-to spot.  We've been to Cowch a heap of times, but ironically, given we hate queues, we've never sat inside the dessert bar.  We realised pretty quickly that there was a much better way of enjoying some of the goodies that Cowch had to offer...

Takeaway menu!

Now it might seem boring, but we always get the same thing when we go to Cowch, we always get the same thing - Naked Pops.  They are simply awesome, its like making your own Magnum, but heaps better.  You start off with you choice of a naked ice cream (think of a magnum without the chocolate), then you get your choice of a milk, dark or white chocolate covering and they're finished off with your choice of toppings - simple and genius.

My favourite was the pomegranate flavoured ice cream with a white chocolate coating and flake bits, simple but oh-so-tasty.  The pomegranate is a unique flavour as ice cream, its sweet, but has a little bit of a sour after taste (strange, but good) and I find it works beautifully with my chosen covering and topping.

It's a case of the simple things in life being the best.  Cowch have a great idea when it comes to their Naked Pops and with a heap of different options, the choices are almost endless....  What are you waiting for?  With our stupidly hot summer nights, there's nothing better!

Get over to South Bank and give one a try!


Simple is often the best - and while you can buy a Magnum from any 7-Eleven, these bad boys are unique
There is a lot of sweet goodies on offer from the take away menu
If you do feel like chilling out at Cowch, there is a pretty extensive cocktail menu
In the cooler months, sitting by the fire would be a nice option
It was quiet on the night of our visit, but it was still really early - you can see the naked pop fridge in the background
A pretty cool spot to sit and watch the world walk by

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