Saturday, 4 April 2015

Casual Dining - Hooked fish and chips

Typical for a Kiwi to make a claim for the best fish and chips in the world, but that's exactly what the team from Hooked have done.  I make this statement as an Aussie, because it's clear that Aussies make the best fish and chips in the world.  It was with fond memories of wonderfully cooked fish and golden brown, crunchy chips that I set out to find Hong Kong's best fish and chips, which is how I stumbled across Hooked.

Located on Caine Road, right in the middle of Expat territory, Hooked is one of those little food spots that you could easily walk by if you weren't looking for it.  It's a tiny little space that has room for standing only and is run by a Kiwi with grand designs.  To bring the best of New Zealand's pristine waters directly to Hong Kong, with all fish caught using sustainable practices.

Now, I'll be the first to admit, New Zealand has some of the most amazing produce in the world, the land of the 'long white cloud' is far away from much of the worlds pollution and the Kiwi's do have a reputation for great fish and chips.  But so do the Aussies, who typically also think we're the best at everything (LOL).  

Only one way to find out and that was get into Hooked and give it a go.

The first thing we noticed when looking at the big board that made up the Hooked menu was that there were only three types of fish on offer.  Used to having a much larger range of options, and only recognising one of the fish noted, we checked in with the owner to find out a little more about the fish.  

Hoki was the first on the menu and we found out that it was a firm white fish with a strong flavour, perfectly suited to deep frying.  Blue Nose was next and as a deep water fish rarely seen by most anglers, is considered a rare delicacy.  Last of the fish and more recognisable was the Blue Cod, not be be mistaken as it's North Sea namesake, Blue Cod is a versatile full bodied fish that's a little more flakey.

With only three options, we opted for the Hoki and the Blue Cod, along with two scoops of chips.  Now, it might not be well known, but SC is a bit of a chip monster, once she starts, chips just seem to disappear, so while two scoops seemed like a lot, it ended up being just the right amount.

While waiting for the fish to cook, we chatted with the owner, Matthew, about the upcoming World Cup for cricket and had some of the friendly banter that happens when you get an Aussie and a Kiwi in the room.  We also had a couple of bottles of, what quite possibly could be, the best lemonade that we've had (from New Zealand of course).

Our fish and chips arrived, wrapped in the customary white butchers paper and not wanting to wait, we ripped right into the meal at the only standing counter available in the tiny shop.  One bite, then two, then three....  We looked at each other and then got stuck into our meal.  The fish was fresh and cooked to perfection in a light batter that wasn't oily and helped enhance the flavour of the NZ fish.  Our chips were superb, very crunchy and completely more(ish).  It didn't take long before our fish and chips (or Fush and Chups if you're a Kiwi) were gone.

Were they the best fish in chips we'd eaten, well maybe not, but they were pretty darn good, and I would say that they're the best in Hong Kong.  It was great to have a little taste of home, even if wasn't really Australia, the fish and chips helped transport us back to the great southern land.  At the end of the day, you could argue that Australia or New Zealand make the best fish in chips in the world - we could argue that out for some time.

One thing that you won't find us arguing about - that they're a darn sight better than British fish and chips!


  1. Honestly, I'm not a fish lover. So, I don't mind the fish part here in your post. Haha. But don't get me wrong. You've got a cool blog in here and I love the way you review restaurants and food joints. Anyway, I love the french fries. With lots of expats in HK, I believe western food like french fries will continue to flourish. Haha. How about the sauce? They don't have? Oh c'mon!

    1. Thanks for the kind words Ariette! Yeah, the chips were great but the only sauce we had was plain old tomato, so not worth mentioning :)


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