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Breakfast Series - Cirque

There are almost too many great breakfast places in Brisbane, but that is no excuse for me having never visited Cirque before.  I have known about this New Farm favourite for quite a while and had it on the list of 'perhaps one day' breakfast cafes for me to visit.  Well today was that day and I am rueing the lost time and lost breakfasts from ignoring this gem for so long.

I had heard all the tales about how hard it is to get into on the weekends and that often there is a long wait to be seated and if I am being honest, this plays a large part of why I had not been to date.  I simply hate waiting for breakfast.  SC and I had a cunning plan, we would set the alarm for an early start and get to Cirque just as it opened.  I sure am glad we did this because even though we got there a few minutes after opening time, there were already cyclists and people streaming in.  I've always had a thought that cyclists tend to flock to cafes that do great coffee and food, and they certainly were flocking in to Cirque.

We managed to score a seat right out the front of the serving area on some of the tiniest tables I have ever seen, I mean, these were small.  Not only were they small, but they were pretty close together as well.  I took this as a sign that Cirque was keen to squeeze as many customers into their cafe as possible.  We were warmly greeted and offered menus and had our drink orders taken and then set about deciding on what to have for breakfast.  It's not an expansive menu but it is a creative menu with a good mix of contemporary and traditional breakfast offerings.  This morning SC and I both felt like traditional breakfasts.

As we gave over our orders, our drinks arrived.  SC had gone for a simple half strength latte and I chose a mixed berry smoothy with yoghurt instead of ice cream.  Both drinks were nice with my smoothy hitting the spot with a refreshing slightly tart flavour from the yoghurt and that berry twang that I love so much.  SC's coffee was perfect, just the way she likes it and with the right mix of coffe to foam.

While there were interesting offerings on the menu and specials board SC really felt like eggs and ordered the eggs benedict on toasted sourdough with fresh spinach, herb hollandaise and 'rayners' leg ham.  SC never used to be a big fan of the eggs bene but of late has started to really enjoy the flavours.  She also likes her poached eggs cooked so that the yolk is a perfect runny consistency and once she cracked open her first egg she cracked a big smile, these were spot on.  The hollandaise was made expertly and worked really well with the runny eggs, spinach and ham.  SC really enjoyed her eggs benedict.

I went straight to the extras section of the menu, which had pretty much everything I wanted for breakfast right there, including scrambled eggs.  When my order of scrambled eggs, roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and bacon came out, I noticed straight up that there was an error on my plate.  Instead of the bacon I had a bowl of baked beans.  The staff at Cirque quickly rectified the error for me with no fuss and before too long, I had a fresh pile of delicious bacon sitting on my plate.  I never suspected that scrambled eggs could taste as good as the ones presented to me at Cirque, they were the best I have had.  I am not sure what they put into the eggs, but the flavour was intense with an eggy, creamy flavour that I loved.  I would love to know how they did it.  Not only were my eggs spectacular, but the roasted tomatoes were incredible too, with a beautifully rich tomato taste with just a hint of seasoning.  The great flavours didn't stop there, the mushrooms were also delicious and looked as if they had been cooked on a BBQ.  The whole plate of food was just superb.

One of the things that amazed me most about our visit to Cirque, apart from the beautiful food, was how quickly our breakfasts came out.  No sooner had we placed our order and had a quick chat about the world news, the meals were being placed in front of us.  We didn't even have time to drink much of our coffee and smoothy.  Because I was so hungry, I will admit to loving this, but if you wanted a leisurely breakfast then you would have been out of luck.

The reputation that Cirque has developed over the years as one of Brisbane's top breakfast spots is most certainly deserved.  As we were paying and I was taking a heap of photos of the place, the owner highlighted to us that they had just gone through renovations and that there is usually a lot more adorning the walls, which had just been painted recently.  I thought the place looked great in a minimilist way, but obviously there is a lot more to be done before they will be happy.

Based largely on the back of those scrambled eggs and roasted tomatoes, Cirque has moved up to my number one preferred spot for breakfast.  Now the only problem is getting up early enough on the weekends to avoid the rush and long wait times for breakfast.


The specials board - a minor adjustment to the rib eye steak - for breakfast!!
Is not a huge kitchen, but they sure do pump out the food
no queue yet, but it was still early
Open for lunch too!
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