Sunday, 5 May 2013

Le Bon Chiox - perfect for a Saturday afternoon break

It's Saturday afternoon and you are in that mid afternoon lull.  It's too soon to go for a run and there is nothing worth watching on the TV and you are feeling restless.  What do you do?  SC had the perfect solution.  She had just come back from looking over the balcony at Le Bon Chiox and declared that we must head across the road for some afternoon tea!

While there are a lot of great spots to go and eat just a stones throw away from our front door, none are as easy to get to as Le Bon Ciox.  Just a quick ride down the elevator, out the front door and cross at the lights and we were inside.  For those of you who have not heard of the Le Bon Chiox, it's one of the best French Patisseries in Brisbane and an awesome spot to get something sweet, or savoury if that's more your thing.

Walking into Le Bon Chiox can be compared to a kid walking into a candy story, but just the adult version of it.  There are cakes and pastries and sweet things in display cabinets that cater to most sweet tooths from the refined cakes for one, or the cherry danishes, or the macaroons or the croissants or the..... well you get the idea.

I love walking into Le Bon Chiox and being greeted with 'bonjour' by the French staff that work behind the counter at this authentic Parisian patisserie.  I am reminded of my time in Paris and how much I loved hearing that sexy French accent.  The approach to Le Bon Chiox is to provide that genuine Parisian experience from the artful presentation of the beautiful cakes to the mostly French staff that have those great accents.

If you don't live in the CBD, then fear not, Le Bon Chiox has also opened at Ascott and Paddington.


SC started off with a Hot Chocolate - not as good as the chocolat chaud we had in Paris, but still good
Lemon lemon meringue tart looked amazing and had a lovely lemon curd 
I limited myself to only two macaroons, chocolate and strawberry.  The strawberry one was my favourite
The vanilla eclair was nice, but I'm not sure it needs the extra candied decoration on top - too sweet 
My favourite the Cherry Danish - the right mix of sweet and sour - the pasty was crumbly and devine
Enough for a small party, but just for the two of us!
A wide variety of cakes available that are delicious
There are some savoury items for sale too - don't they look lonely! 
Cakes, cakes, cakes - so many different cakes
Just when you thought it was safe - more sweet cakes
A macaroon for every occasion
I love the newish renovations.  More space for cakes!

Le Bon Choix - CBD on UrbanspoonLe Bon Choix

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