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London Porterhouse - Argentinian BBQ comes to town

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Share dining is on the rise.  Well, it's actually been on the rise for a few years now with many menus across the restaurants of Brisbane showing 'bites' or 'small plates' that are designed to be shared amongst friends.  Many cultures around the world around the world have a version of share dining so it's hard to pinpoint where share dining originated, but it's certainly most popular in Latin American and large parts of Western Europe.

When you consider the ever increasing number of restaurants in Brisbane there is actually quite a diversity of cuisines available if you go looking.  Mexican cuisine aside, there is not a large Latin American food scene in Brisbane which is a little surprising given the nature of our move to share dining and the love of communal dining in this part of the world.  Amidst all of the doom and gloom about restaurants closing in Brisbane, a new restaurant has quietly opened with its eyes fairly and squarely on Latin American share dining.

London Porterhouse has it's roots firmly in the Argentinian culture with a view that eating and drinking are there to be enjoyed.  Located at Teneriffe in the converted London woolstore, London Porterhouse joins the stable of cool restaurants in bars that sits below the converted woolstore that makes up the London apartment block.  

Conceived by Mercedes McVeigh, whose family operates Teneriffe breakfast hotspot Brio next door, the idea behind London Porterhouse was to open an Argentinean inspired steakhouse and bar serving the food that so captivated her family growing up. Argentinian culture is all about food, family and fun and McVeigh wanted a restaurant where friends, family and lovers can join together for a wine or share stories over a meal.  Head chef of the new venture is Mark Maric previously of Dish bistro and is looking to put a Modern Australian twist on a very South American style of food.

London Porterhouse recently demonstrated the power of communal dining so influential in the Argentinian culture by bringing together some of Brisbane's top bloggers and foodies to share in the experience.  Arriving at the venue I could immediately see the large wooden communal dining table set out for over thirty and knew that they were taking this very seriously.  As the groups of diners arrived and we all took our seats the noise and conversation grew to fever pitch as we contemplated the possibilities of the meal to come.

As plate after plate of Argentinean inspired dishes were delivered to the table you could see a gleam in the eye of many at the table as the inner caveman came to the fore.  The food at London Powerhouse is quite simple but in that simplicity is beauty and for a devout carnivore like myself I was in meat heaven.  When presented with so many wonderful cuts of meat cooked perfectly it's hard to know where to start but I quickly filled up my plate with cuts of rib eye fillet, chorizo and spathcock followed with pieces of quail pork ribs and lamb cutlets.  The food is rustic and there is plenty of it, you're never going to go hungry and in fact I ate so much I entered a food coma!

I really enjoyed my experience at London Porterhouse, the atmosphere was electric with so many fellow foodies enjoying the Argentinian wines on offer and releasing their inner carnivores.  The alfresco dining area was perfect for such a lovely evening.  If you love the idea of Latin American share dining and have a penchant for quality meats from local producers the I suggest London Porterhouse should be on your list of dining experiences.


**I was a guest of London Porterhouse for this event

The meat platter included Paster fried Rib Eye Fillet, Chorizo, Spatchcock, Quail, Pork Ribs, Lamb ribs and Lamb cutlets.  I especially loved the Rib Eye Fillet and the Lamb cutlets but as a devout carnivore I really enjoyed the whole plate.
Who brings a Pescatarian to an Argentinian meat fest?  Just to show it's not always about the meat there are plenty of seafood options too.
To start there were Empanadas:  Beef & Olive, Pumpkin & Smoked Provolone, Chicken & creamed sweet corn
Mixed Ceviche plate: Sea Scallops, Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon and Snapper.  Fresh and lovely but the Salmon was a standout with the addition of the salty Salmon Roe
Fat handmade chips - wonderful
The odd bowl of greens and vegetables were spotted around the table but for me it was about the Meat!
Any good dining spot needs a great bar nowadays and the specialty here is Argentinian wines.

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