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Room with Roses - a hidden gem in a hidden gem

There is a tendency in Brisbane for old stuff to get discarded and replaced with shiny shiny new stuff.  You really get a sense for this when you walk down the Queen Street Mall at the moment, there are no less than two major redevelopments happening and a third on the way.  This is on the back of the major redevelopment at the Wintergarden and the tearing down of the Regent Cinema complex.  While I generally love shiny shiny new things, I also have a healthy respect for keeping a city's old buildings and architecture, it's how a city builds character. 

It's an interesting dichotomy that Brisbane has been copying the Melbourne idea that laneways are the coolest things ever and attempting to build a laneway culture, but at the same time are tearing down our own unique spaces.  So it's totally refreshing to know that we have our own slice of laneway history that has not been torn down and recently celebrated its 90th birthday.  

Brisbane Arcade is our version of southern style arcade and runs between the Queen Street Mall and Adelaide Street in the CBD.  The fact that the arcade has reached it's 90th birthday and has not been torn down or completely remodeled is surprising given our propensity for shiny new buildings, and this gives the mall some much needed character.  Nestled away on the first floor in the Brisbane Arcade is one of Brisbane's hidden gems, a cafe that is a sea of tranquility in the hustle and bustle of the CBD. 

In what was a departure from my usual dining experience, I was invited along to Room with Roses to check out a new chapter in the life of the quietly refined little cafe.  The aptly named Champagne Room was opened with a little bit of fanfare from local member Teresa Gambaro, who's a frequent visitor to Room with Roses.  The Champagne room is the latest in a series of renovations to the cafe that has seen owner Vicki Pitts transform the first level of Brisbane Arcade over the last four years.  The Champagne room has been decked out with a stunning wall-to-wall presentation of Waterford Crystal Champagne flutes and joins the dining area and the beautiful Chandelier Room.

The launch of the Champagne room was also a renewal of sorts with the launch of a new menu and new logo for Room with Roses.  The new menu reflects the natural charm of Room with Roses and features gourmet delights made on premises each morning and now features a very cool chocolate fondu high tea.  The menu also retains some of their well known options and still retains it's nationally acclaimed high tea options.

The launch of the new menu and Champagne room was a grand affair and kicked off with a champagne fountain, where glasses were carefully stacked and the champagne flowed.  Elegantly dressed wait staff interacted wonderfully with the guests with some amazing canapes and all in attendance were able to wander through the newly renovated space to marvel at the transformation. 

Brisbane Arcade is one of the City's most historic locations and is filled with great stories, including tales of hauntings, which is really cool if you're into that sort of thing.  One thing that is certain, Room with Roses is adding to the rich history of the arcade and I am sure it will continue to be a favourite spot for those looking for a quick break away from the madness that is Queen Street Mall at lunch time.

**I was an invited guest to the opening of the Champagne Room by Room with Roses

Lamb and rosemary sausage rolls with mint sauce & fresh asparagus and parmesan rolls with cheddar sauce, 
Smoked salmon wraps & peking duck and Asian salad paper rolls with hoi sin sauce
Champagne and Roses are very prevalent in Room with Roses!
The new champagne room 
Some of the waterford crystal on display in the champagne room
The chandelier room is well know as a venue for wedding receptions
A bubbly shower and the waiter did a great job not spilling a drop!
There is a surprisingly large kitchen at Room with Roses
The opening of Room with Roses was a formal affair
There is a very welcoming and homely feel at Room with Roses
And of course Room with Roses is renowned for its high tea
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