Sunday, 6 July 2014

Festival Series - The Teneriffe Festival

I still remember my first time fondly.  We were blissfully unaware that the inaugural Teneriffe Festival was underway and out for a morning walk through Newstead and Teneriffe.  It was pretty random to be honest, we just picked a direction and head towards Teneriffe, thinking a long walk along the river would be a great idea.

As we rounded the corner of Commercial Road, we could see some commotion a little further up the road and as we got closer, we could see that the street was closed off and there seemed to be some sort of street party (big understatement).  That first year of the Festival was a random occurrence, but we've made our way to the Teneriffe Festival each year since.

In the five years that the festival has been running, we've watched it slowly consume more and more of  the trendy inner city suburb and this year was it's biggest yet.  I couldn't believe how vibrant and incredible Teneriffe becomes during the festival, with live music, fashion shows, laneway parties and all-so-much-food.

This year we had a base of operations at the Pork, Fork and Cork laneway party organised from those crazy cats at Alfred & Constance (and a few other DG foodie joints).  Damian Griffiths sure does know how to throw a party and the Pork, Fork and Cork was a cracker.

The thing I love most about the festival is just walking around and people watching and checking out the food stalls.  It was such a beautiful and sunny day and the crowds were full of festival cheer.  So, here is an homage to the festival in photos & I hope to see you at the festival next year!

**The Teneriffe Festival is free to attend but we were guests of Damian Griffiths and Lucid Media for the Pork, Fork and Cork party


  1. Great pictures! Makes me wish I was there!

    1. It was tops Katie, and I hope you already have it marked in your diary for next year :)


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