Sunday, 8 March 2015

Cheap Eats - Majesty Seafood Restaruant

Majesty Seafood Retaurant

It's easy to get carried away eating dumplings in Hong Kong, most Chinese restaurants seem to do dim sum during the busy lunch period.  My dumplings place of choice is Din Tai Fung (see post here), but there is not a Din Tai Fung close to work, so I've had to look for other places to dine.  You'd think that would be easy with so many restaurants, right?  Well, I'm finding it pretty difficult, mainly because most of the restaurants are not on street level, but on various floors in high rise buildings, so it's a bit hit and miss.

I've managed to find one restaurant nearby that is clearly marked from street level and is relatively easy to access...  I mean, you just have to go up a couple of floors in a rickety old elevator and guess at the right level because I can't quite read Chinese yet!

The Majesty Seafood Restaurant takes up the whole of level two (or three) and has pretty awesome views of Queens Road Central for a brief respite during lunch from the crazy crowds that make up Central HK.  On my first visit, I was placed right by the window and had a great view of the crush of crowds below.

There were no menus for lunch at the Majesty, it's a matter of pulling out a slip of paper that has all of the menu items, thankfully in English as well.  However, with no real sections that I could discern (again, suffering from not reading Chinese), I had to have a guess at what I was ordering and hoping that I'd receive the dumplings I was very much craving for. 

The sweet smell of success.....  I'd guessed right and the very dumplings I'd been hoping for started to arrive at my table.  In what had turned out to be a case of eyes bigger than belly, I'd ordered too many dumplings, twelve in all.  

My favourite was easily the big prawn dumplings encased a glutinous dough that allowed the large prawn pieces to shine through.  In fact, they looked so inviting, I ignored the warning bells in my head and jumped straight in, while they were still steaming hot.  Yeah, that was a big mistake.  Not wanting to spit the dumpling out, I held it in my mouth, trying to cool it down, but in the process just burned the inside of my mouth!  Another lesson learned in HK - wait until food stops steaming.

Mouth burning aside, I really enjoyed all of the dumplings from the Majesty Seafood Restaurant and have been back a few time for lunch.  Definitely a great spot for a quick bite to eat if you're in Central.

Options are in English too, but the groupings and titles are not
The ubiquitous tea that comes with every meal
I also really like the pork dumplings with prawn
Prawn dumplings and some sad looking xiaolongbao

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