Sunday, 8 March 2015

Cheap Eats - Wilburs HK

There was a time where the only burger I would eat in Hong Kong was from the Butchers Club, they're pretty awesome.  But as a food blogger, my blog gets pretty boring if I just eat in the same spot every day, so it was time to spread my burger wings.

Continuing the daily lunch exploration around my workplace in Central, I came across another spot in Wyndham Street called Wilbur's burgers-burritos-lobster and thought it was worth giving it a try.  It was easy to get a table right on 12pm on a weekday and was quickly surrounded by wait staff giving out the menu and a tall glass of cold water (a rarity in HK where the water is normally served hot).

As advertised from the street, the menu consisted of a number of burgers, burritos and lobster rolls.  I was sorely tempted to pick up a lobster roll, with memories still fresh from my 2013 trip to New York where lobster rolls were plentiful and superb...  But, I stuck to my guns and ordered the wagyu beef burger, which based on the photos around the joint would be pretty awesome.

It wasn't too long before a big wooden board was placed in front of me with the largest burgers I think I've ever seen.  It was in fact so large, I had to check that I hadn't accidentally ordered the giant burger challenge (which based on photos around the restaurant must have been as big as my head!).  After checking, it was indeed a standard burger, which also came with a basket of fries and a salad on the side.

Not knowing how I would tackle the burger, I started off with the less complicated chips, which were awesome!  Crispy and well cooked, they had a salt that I couldn't quite pick but added some serious flavour.  In fact, they were bordering on being the best chips I'd had in Hong Kong to date.

Right, it was time to tackle the burger, which had a thick meat patty with melted cheese and a really fresh looking salad.  My waitress had advised me that the burger would be medium rare, I was disappointed with my first bite....  It was well done and actually a little chewy.  None the less, I tried to power through as it actually tasted quite nice and had lots of fresh salad, which my body was suddenly craving!

I managed to get through about half of the burger before I gave up, it was just too big and to be honest, I'm not sure who would be able to get through such a monster, certainly not me!

It was not a bad burger and I'd be tempted to come back and check out a lobster roll, although with so many other options in HK, I'm not really sure if or when it will happen!

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